Jane Goodall poses for a picture with an AU student after delivering a lecture at the School of International Service.

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When meeting President Obama is part of the job

I would not have had these opportunities if I was at another university.

As a sophomore, I interned at the Democratic National Committee. Without AU, this experience would not have been possible and I am extremely thankful. The past intern in my department was the President of AU College Democrats and our boss was also an AU Alum! While at the DNC, I had the privilege to meet President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Michelle Obama. I would not have had these opportunities if I was at another university.

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Man is planting trees.

Announcement ·

American University Launches Innovative Carbon Offset Program in Washington, D.C.

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Summer 2018: This summer know life at AU. Precollege summer programs for high school students. Register today.
WCL specialty programs

World Bank Group President Visits AU Washington College of Law


Politics of Truth speakers

Government & Politics ·

National Experts Gather at AU School of Public Affairs to Discuss ‘Politics of Truth’

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Vintage Peace Corps seal floats behind School of International Service seal.

International ·

Peace Corps and SIS: Communities of service

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