Abroad at AU | Course Registration

More detailed information about course registration can be found in the Next Steps Document attached to your acceptance email.

Where can I find the course information?

The course schedules and course descriptions can be found at the Registrar's Office website under Schedule of Classes and Course Descriptions.

How do I register for a course?

Registration will be completed by the Abroad at AU office. Admitted students receive a course registration request form from our office in the month before registration. Each student needs to complete the form and return it to our office by email before they can be registered for classes. A completed form requires the student to list at least eight courses he/she is interested in taking for the semester. The Abroad at AU office will process the registration and notify the student of his/her schedule.

Note: Students will not be registered for courses until they have submitted the Enrollment and Housing Application with the $500 deposit AND the confirmation signature page of the Next Steps document.

How should I pick classes?

Students should talk with their home school advisors when selecting courses for their semester/year at American University. Home universities have final authority on how courses transfer back for credit.

While the majority of AU classes are open to any student on campus, there are some exceptions. Please see our Course Restrictions page or the Next Steps document for more information on which courses you are allowed and not allowed to take.

What do the course numbers mean?

Abroad at AU is only for undergraduate studies. Abroad at AU students cannot take graduate level courses. Undergraduate courses at American University have course numbers from 100-599.

  • 100-200 level courses are typically introductory, first and second year courses.
  • 300-400 level courses are typically third and fourth year courses.
  • 500 level courses are graduate/advanced undergraduate level courses which are sometimes taken by students in their major area of study during their final year.

Abroad at AU students cannot take graduate level courses 600 and above.

What does it mean if a course is Open / Closed / Cancelled?

Registration dates are open to students based on the number of credits that they have completed at American University. Incoming Abroad at AU students are in the last group of students to register for the semester, with other new students.

This means courses may be closed by the time Abroad at AU students register for classes. Students should list at least eight possible courses they could take on their registration form. A certain amount of flexibility is necessary in class schedules because students can only register for courses that are open.

The waitlist for closed courses

If a class is listed as "Closed" or "Wait," this means there are no seats currently available in the course. If you want to take the course you can be added to the waitlist. This is a list of students waiting for an available seat in the course. If someone drops the class, and a seat becomes available, the seat is offered to the first person on the waitlist. So, for example, if you are the 5th person on the waitlist, five people will need to drop the class before you are offered the seat.

Being on the waitlist for a course DOES NOT guarantee you will be able to take the class. Your chances of taking the class completely depend on how many people decide to drop the class and where you are on the waitlist.

The ONLY way to get into a closed or waitlist course is to be offered a spot off the waitlist.

What if I want to change courses?

Even if you are not able to get into your top choice courses you will still need to be registered for a full course load (12 credits). The only changes to your registration BEFORE you arrive at AU will be waitlisted courses.  After you arrive at AU, add/drop period is during the first week of classes. During this time, the Abroad at AU office can make changes to your schedule, however, any changes made to your schedule after classes begin will require you to make up for any missed work due to joining the class late.

NOTE: No class changes will be made to your schedule after the add/drop period has ended. Any concerns about your schedule must be addressed with your Abroad at AU advisor during the first week of classes.