Freshman Deferral Policy

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  • Undergraduate Admissions
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Deferrals are intended to be granted for intentional occasions in which the student chooses not to begin his or her studies at American University in the term for which he or she was admitted.

Examples of intentional deferrals may include, but are not limited to: a religious activity, community service project, teaching English, political campaigning, or world travel. Deferral requests are evaluated on their merits, and are not automatically approved simply because they were submitted on time.

Deadline and Instructions

Admissions will only consider deferral requests if they are submitted by July 1 (for students who initially applied for the fall semester) and by December 1 (for students who initially applied for the spring semester). 

A student who is interested in deferring must contact the deferral liaison in Undergraduate Admissions, Emily Stuhan, who will provide the official deferral request form.

Please note that the deferral request form must be submitted by the deadlines referenced above. In addition, a deferral request will not be considered unless the student has submitted the enrollment agreement and deposit. We will review all requests received by the deadline as soon as possible.

Submission of a deferral request by the deadline is not a guarantee of acceptance. If a deferral request is denied, a student has the option to either withdraw and reapply for a future semester, or commence studies in the semester to which he or she has been admitted.