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Auditing Guidelines By School








College of Arts and Sciences

The following courses require professor or departmental approval:

  • All courses that require a prerequisite
  • Anthropology (500 level and above)
  • Audio Technology (all courses)
  • Art (all courses)
  • Health and Fitness (all courses)
    • Note: An additional fee of $150 is applied to all Health and Fitness classes.
  • History (500 level and above)
  • World Languages and Cultures (all courses)
    • Note: Intensive language courses (generally offered in the summer) are an additional $150, plus any course fees.
  • Literature (400 level and above)
  • Psychology (all courses)
  • Sociology (all courses)
The following course sections are not eligible for alumni audit:
  • Any course sections listed as "Open only to students in the International Accelerator Program"
  • Courses listed with "Restriction: Applied Economics (MA)" or "Restriction: Nutrition Education (MS)".

Kogod School of Business

All courses that have a prerequisite require department or professor approval.

The following courses are not eligible for audit:

  • Courses restricted to the Professional MBA program, Full-time MBA program, and the MS in Marketing program.
  • Online MBA courses
  • Online MSAn courses
  • Online courses offered through 2IR, 2U, or Deltek

School of Communication

All courses must be approved through Justin Bernstine, 

The following courses ARE eligible for audit:

  • COMM-365 Digital Media & Culture
  • COMM-420/620 Voice and Presentation Skills
  • COMM-443/643 Foreign Policy and the Press


School of Public Affairs

All courses must be approved through the respective department.

The following courses are not eligible for alumni audit:

  • GOVT 020 Campaign Management Institute

  • GOVT 023 The Art and Craft of Lobbying

  • GOVT 391 Internship

  • GOVT 520 Advanced Studies in Campaign Management

  • GOVT 523 The Art and Craft of Lobbying

  • JLC 422 Justice Workshop

  • JLC 491 Internship in Justice Setting

  • PUAD-688 Policy Practicum
Online sections of the following courses are not eligible for alumni audit:
  • PUAD-606 Foundations of Policy Analysis
  • PUAD-612 Intro to Public Administration & the Policy Process
  • PUAD-617 Project Management
  • PUAD-626 Legal Issues in Public Administration
  • PUAD-630 Public Managerial Economics
  • PUAD-633 Budgeting and Financial Management
  • PUAD-650 Leadership in a Changing Workplace
  • PUAD-660 Quantitative Methods
  • PUAD-661 Foundations of Program Evaluation
  • PUAD-665 Managing Human Capital Assets
  • PUAD-684 Organizational Analysis


School of International Service

All courses require departmental approval. The following courses are not eligible for alumni audit:

  • All online courses delivered through 2IR, 2U, or Deltek
  • SISU-050 SIS Mentorship

  • SISU-105 World Politics

  • SISU-140 Cross-Cultural Communication

  • SISU-206 Intro to Int'l Studies Rsrch

  • SISU-210 Peace, Global Sec & Conflt Res

  • SISU-220 Int'l Political Economy

  • SISU-230 Analysis of US Foreign Policy

  • SISU-240 International Development

  • SISU-250 Env Sustainblty/Global Health

  • SISU-260 Identity, Race, Gender & Culture

  • SISU-280 International Organizations

  • SISU-306  

  • SIS-033 Topics in Int'l Communication

  • SIS-633 Sel Topics in Int'l Comm

  • SIS-653-012 Topics in U.S. Foreign Policy: Grand Strategy
  • SIS 793 Practicum in International Affairs


Updated 04/2017