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Communication Courses Not Available for Alumni Audit



COMM-100 Understanding Media
COMM-105 Visual Literacy
COMM-200 Writing for Communication
COMM-209 Communication & Society
COMM-300 Interpersonal Communication
COMM-301 Public Relations
COMM-305 Digital Skills
COMM-310 Public Speaking
COMM-320 Reporting
COMM-322 Editorial Policies & Methods
COMM-325 Feature Article Writing
COMM-326 Sports Journalism
COMM-330 Principles of Photography
COMM-331 Film & Video Production I
COMM-337 Public Relations Writing
COMM-346 Public Relations Case Studies
COMM-350 Digital Imaging
COMM-380 Public Communication Research
COMM-382 Writing for Visual Media
COMM-385 Broadcast Journalism I
COMM-425 Advanced Reporting
COMM-426 Sports Writing & Reporting
COMM-428 Broadcast Journalism II
COMM-432 Backpack Video Journalism
COMM-434 Film & Video Production II
COMM-435 Intro to Studio Television
COMM-437 Public Relations Portfolio
COMM-438 Production Practicum
COMM-454 Motion Graphics & Effects I
COMM-456 Dramatic Production
COMM-464 Directing for Camera
COMM-470 Organizational Communication
COMM-472 Nonverbal Communication
COMM-475 Group Communication Management
COMM-486 Advanced Doc Technique
Producing Film and Video
Opinion Writing
COMM-522 Writing for Convergent Media
COMM-523 Fine Art Photography
COMM-524 Prod Environ & Wildlife Films
COMM-525 Advanced Photography
COMM-526 Photojournalism and Social Documentary
COMM-529 Large Format & Commercial Photo
COMM-533 Ethical Persuasion
COMM-535 Special Topics in News Media
COMM-536 Entertainment Communication
COMM-537 Sports Communication
COMM-539 International Public Relations
COMM-540 Social Marketing
COMM-541 Crisis Communication
COMM-542 Media Relations
COMM-543 Speechwriting
COMM-545 Business & Economic Journalism
COMM-549 Topics in International Media
COMM-551 Internet Advocacy
COMM-552 Social Media Strategies & Tactics
COMM-556 Cross Cultural Film & Video Prod
COMM-557 Art of Visual Storytelling
COMM-560 Backpack Documentary
COMM-561 Advanced Writing for Film
COMM-562 Advanced Writing for TV
COMM-565 Adv Visual Media Portfolio
COMM-566 Practice of Environmentalism
COMM-567 Communication & Social Change
COMM-568 Environ & Wildlife Film Prod
COMM-570 Film & Digital Media Institute
COMM-571 Production Planning and Management
COMM-573 Visual Strategies for Public Communication
COMM-574 Business of Television
COMM-575 Adv Writing for Doc Film
COMM-584 Film Technology & Practice
COMM-585 Directing
COMM-587 Screenwriting
COMM-588 Race, Ethnic, & Community Reporting
COMM-589 Science, Environ, & Media