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Communication Courses Eligible for Alumni Audit Spring 2015

Open Media Studies (courses about the media) are courses eligible for alumni audit. 


  • COMM 100 Understanding Media 
  • COMM 504 Journalism Ethics 
  • COMM 511 History of Documentary 
  • COMM 648 Propaganda Media
  • COMM-100 Understanding Media
  • COMM-209 Communication and Society
  • COMM-270 How News Media Shape History
  • COMM-280 Contemporary Media Global Society
  • COMM-326 Sports Journalism
  • COMM-360 Myths of the Media
  • COMM-365 Digital Media and Culture
  • COMM-401 Communication Law
  • COMM-504 Journalism Ethics
  • COMM-515 Children, Youth and Digital Culture
  • COMM-516 History of Cross Cultural Cinema
  • COMM-527 History of Photography
  • COMM-535-006 Wikipedia and Public Knowledge
  • COMM-589 Communication, Culture and the Environment

Skills courses (courses that teach a communication/media skill) are not eligible for alumni audit.