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For some couples, Cupid’s arrow strikes at AU

By Rebecca Vander Linde

Photo courtesy of Colin Lambert and Angela Fiorille

Photo courtesy of Colin Lambert and Angela Fiorille

Every year, President and Ann Kerwin, who met at AU, host an event for other AU couples. The "So Happy Together" reception, which took place February 8, is a special time for couples to reminisce about their days in school together. In honor of Valentine’s Day and this event, Alumni Update is featuring two couples who met and fell in love at AU.

For Colin Lambert and Angela Fiorille, it was the AU shuttle. For Lois and Ken Schwartz, it was a “monument run” with friends from campus to see downtown D.C. at night. For both these happy couples, it was AU that brought them together.

Colin Lambert, CAS/BA ’02, first spotted Angela Fiorille, CAS/BA ’01, CAS/MAT ’03, on the AU shuttle.

“I was waiting on the AU shuttle when I saw this beautiful lady walking toward it. She was dressed in all black and had shades on, looking very slick. She came on the shuttle, and I was infatuated by her beauty, but I didn’t talk to her,” Colin recalls. Angela, however, did not notice Colin that fateful day.

They first spoke in the summer of 2001, almost a year later, when they both worked for AU housing and dining services. Sitting in the quad, Colin revealed his crush to a friend, who dared him to speak to Angela. That dare sparked a conversation that began a friendship, which eventually bloomed into romance.

“He definitely caught my eye that summer,” Angela remembers.

A few months later, Colin says, “I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she said yes.”

After dating for four years, Colin proposed to Angela on a trip to his native Trinidad. They were married in December 2005 and just recently moved to Denver together.

Lois Schwartz, CAS/BA ’75, and Ken Schwartz, SPA/BA ’75, fell in love at first sight during a sightseeing trip with fellow AU students during their freshman year. “There were definitely sparks between us,” recalls Lois.

Their first date was two weeks later -- a Marx Brothers double feature in Ward, followed by pizza.

The couple has many fond memories of AU. Ken remembers a trip to New York with fraternity brothers to watch Kermit Washington and the AU Eagles basketball team play in Madison Square Garden. Lois loved living in D.C. “We were young there and grew up together there. Washington is the most wonderful backdrop for a university.”

They were married in New Jersey, right after graduation, two days before Ken started law school. AU’s Rabbi Harold White officiated, and two of Ken’s Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity brothers were his best man and groomsman.

The Schwartzes are not just an AU couple; they’re an AU family. They recently attended the graduation of their daughter-in-law, Juliet Mohnkern, SIS-KSB/MA ’08.