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Alumni Relations
4401 Connecticut Avenue

Alumni Relations
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Washington, DC 20016

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A Message from AU Student Government

Student Government Executive Team: Taylor Dumpson, AUSG President
Solomon Self, AUSG Vice President
Christine Machovec, AUSG Comptroller
Kris Schneider, AUSG Secretary
Dear Fellow AU Students,

As another academic year kicks off, we are reminded of the great benefits of attending American University. From our location in the nation's capital, to every detail that enhances our learning experience, we are receiving an education like no other. As President Kerwin said, students at AU are exposed to a laboratory for learning.

As we embark on our journey to write the next chapter of American University history with our new president, Sylvia Burwell, and a newly minted part of campus across Nebraska Ave., it is crucial that we take the time to recognize those that came before us at this institution.

AU alumni are among the most engaging individuals we're exposed to as students, as interns, and eventually as young professionals entering the workforce. The chunks of knowledge and streams of networking that are afforded to us not only through our actual education but also by those educated before us are priceless. 

As student leaders, we're able to fight the fights that we engage in today for the student body of 2017 because of students who helped set the baseline years ago. We have legs to stand on when we advocate for more and more diversity because of the work that students over the years have done to commit our university to being fundamentally diverse. We can focus on student issues that other universities haven't even started to think about because students before us already fought those fights. 

The advice that each of us have received from AU alumni thus far in our college careers as junior and seniors has been indispensable as we plan out our year. We encourage all students to utilize the thousands of alumni here in Washington and around the world—they give back because someone believed in them one day. Through programs like Dinner with Alumni, movers and shakers that have their roots at AU share their experiences in the world beyond American University, as well as their specific college experiences prepared them for time after TDR. 

We often tell students to take every opportunity that presents itself in order to maximize their AU experiences. Take this opportunity - to interact with someone who stood in your shoes with the same ambitions one, five, twenty years ago. You won't regret it. 

We wish everyone an engaging and successful academic year. 


Taylor Dumpson, AUSG President

Solomon Self, AUSG Vice President

Christine Machovec, AUSG Comptroller

Kris Schneider, AUSG Secretary