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Chief Building Engineer Keeps WCL Humming

By Sally Acharya

Jose Suarez, WCL chief building engineer, in the lobby of the law school.

Jose Suarez (Photo: Jeff Watts)

 Jose Suarez is the man behind the scenes at the Washington College of Law. 

You can’t very well learn about constitutional law or international human rights cases if the lights don’t work or the heat is on the fritz.

Suarez is the chief building engineer at the law school, available night and day to make sure the building stays in top condition. In fact, the 20-year AU veteran knows every building on campus, inside and out. But since 2000, he’s been on the job at the law school.

He came to AU as an electrician only a few years after arriving in the United States from Bolivia in 1984, where he’d worked in telecommunications.

“It’s a very nice ambience, a very nice place to develop and grow,” he says. “I like the way that people treat each other. If you’re happy in the place you work, that’s the important thing.”

He’s particularly proud of working for the law school under Dean Claudio Grossman, who speaks to him in Spanish and is “very inspiring.” He’s also an AU parent, since two of his children have graduated from AU. Two other children were able to use the tuition benefits he has as an AU staff member to attend other colleges.

Even though they’re mostly grown, Suarez spends a lot of time with his children, playing basketball and enjoying his family. But if the call comes from AU, he’s always prepared to be on the job. “I’m very proud to belong to this community,” he says. “I’m really grateful for everything. It’s a great place to work.”