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Librarian Helps Students in Their Time of Need

Michael Matos, business librarian

Michael Matos is the university's new business librarian.

You could say that Michael Matos is a master of triage.

He’s the point person for students and faculty at their most critical moments: when a project is due, a test is looming, or they need vital help to complete research.  They're stressed, tired, and anxious not to let down the rest of their group. He assesses their needs and directs them to the appropriate resource; after all, "it's just a matter of knowing where to look."

And Matos, the university's new business librarian, knows where to look amongst the 200-plus databases at his disposal.

Whether the request is for stock information, analyst reports, or data for a SWOT analysis of Chinese companies, he’s heard it before. Last week, he met with 12 students – all related to a marketing project assigned by Professor Lance-Michael Erickson. 

"Each student brings a different perspective to an assignment," he explains. "So it’s not same old, same old – they all take a new approach."

Matos can appreciate a changing perspective; his own interests have evolved. He's experienced in sales and project management, among other disciplines. And although he completed his undergraduate work at the University of Maryland over a prolonged period (in between stints working), he went the opposite direction for graduate school and wrapped up two master's degrees in four years at Florida State University. 

Armed with an MS in library science and another in Art History, he joined the AU community in the spring of 2007 in the library’s "bullpen," where he answered a myriad of requests and developed a sense of the overall needs on campus.

In May, Matos was appointed to the business librarian post indefinitely. He’s focused on reaching out to classes to introduce himself and urge students to use him as a resource.

"I'm their advocate in the library," he explains. "They can always come to me to recommend things to be purchased – especially graduate students might know about something I'm not aware of."

He’s also worked on the recent acquisition of EuroMonitor, a service that provides country reports and other data for use in international business classes.

Matos hopes to improve students' research experiences, and especially those of undergraduate students who are new to the business curriculum in general. To make an appointment with Matos, email him at