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Alumni Success Story

Alumni Success Story

Making Changes: Then and Now

BA, Cultural Communications, 1994


Eric Napoli serves as Legal Counsel, International Development at FON Technology in Madrid, Spain. FON is an innovative technology start-up, building the world's largest WiFi community. Founded in 2006, in Madrid, FON's mission is to stimulate growth of WiFi Internet access through its sharing community of "Foneros."

Of his School of International Service (SIS) experience, Napoli says, “I did the study abroad program in Madrid in 1993, and the vast majority of my friends at SIS were all foreign students. Working in an international setting and abroad has since come naturally.” He advises current SIS students "to take advantage of the general education requirement to benefit from learning . . . from as many different fields as possible. Take language classes, philosophy and religion, and literature. The more information you have about the world, its history, and various cultures, the more you will benefit from the tools you learn at SIS."