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Alumni Success Story

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Banking on Success

MA, International Communication, 2007

Home Country: India


Coimbatore Subramian Ramanathan has put his education at American University’s School of International Service (SIS) to good use, focusing his in-school research on development, microfinance, microinsurance, and communication. Naturally, Coimbatore has gone on to work at The World Bank.

In speaking about his SIS experience, Ramanathan notes that “SIS is a school that offers exposure to multiple cultures and religions which, when integrated with the scholarly atmosphere, leads to experiential learning of international relations.” 

Like other graduates of the SIS program, he notes that the practical application of his skills made a great impact on what he learned at AU. “Traditionally considered the antithesis to international development work, my management background and corporate experience enables me to analyze development theories and practice rationally. SIS offers a mélange of practical and theoretical learning, as courses are equally accompanied by weekend programs that focus on grooming specific skill sets in different fields of international relations.”