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Alumni Success Story

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Leadership Path Born at AU

When L. Trenton Marsh, KSB/BSBA ’02, came to campus in fall 1998, he was unsure what his future held.

Having been admitted to American University“on a prayer,” he credits his time at American for showing him how to use his skills to become a leader, both professionally, and within the D.C. community.

Marsh fondly recalls a former mentor, Adeyemi Stembridge, director of the McNair Scholars program at AU, who introduced him first semester freshman year to a time matrix concept– seven days broken into 168 hour-long segments.

“It was the first time I realized what I was doing with my time, and how to use it most effectively,” says Marsh of the time management technique he still uses today.

While at AU, Marsh divided his time across a variety of valuable endeavors. He became a Golden Key International Honor Society member and was accepted into the University Honors program, becoming one of the top graduates in his class.

He served as president of AU’s student chapter of the American Marketing Association, a member of the Kogod Dean’s Advisory committee, and a coordinator the Kogod student-mentoring program.

“I knew I could be a leader, but I didn’t know how to apply my skills.

At AU, for the first time I had the chance to grow and perfect my ability to be a leader, which is very important to who I am today.”

Today, Marsh tries to inspire youth to commit to personal and educational success, through lectures, workshops, and his involvement with organizations like Hoop Dreams, a scholarship fund founded by Susie Kay , SPA/BA ’86,and Perfecting Diamonds in the Rough.

“Coming to AU was a turning point in my life – it gave me the skills to tap into my own potential, which I never knew I had.

It’s now my goal to do the same for others.”

Similar to his work within the community, Marsh helps others to become more efficient and successful as professionals in his job a senior business consultant with IBM Global Business Services.

He was selected to participate in the Leading@IBM program for rising leaders, in which individuals are chosen by their supervisors to work closely with high-level managers, studying a curriculum designed to accelerate their growth within the company.

Marsh is moving to the second of three levels in 2009.

Whether helping others to increase efficiency and automating tasks or personally identifying with area students and inspiring them to succeed, Marsh sees similarities between his work in the community and his professional work – he helps others to look within themselves for skills that will increase their success and rise to their full potential.