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Success Stories

  • Carmen K. Iezzi, SIS/BA '00, SIS/MA '01

    2008 Rising Star Award Winner Plays Fair for a Living

    She’s funny, she’s frank, but above all she plays fair. Carmen K. Iezzi, SIS/BA’00, SIS/MA’01, has time and time again risen to the top, both in her professional career and in her time at AU.

  • Alexandra Saary, Kogod/BSBA '04.

    Kogod Alum to Launch New Alumni Chapter in Germany

    Under the leadership of Alexandra Saary, KSB/BSBA ’04, a new alumni chapter will be launched in Germany. It will be the eighth international chapter recognized by the university and will serve the 129 American University alumni who call Germany home.

  • Allison Silberberg.

    Making a Difference, One AU Alumnae at a Time

    Allison Silberberg, SIS/BA ’84, chose AU because it was close to the heart of public service, but it was the friendships she formed with fellow students and professors that had a profound influence on her career as a writer, photographer, and advocate.

  • The founders of RECHARGEnyc.

    Downward Economy Opens Doors for Three Entrepreneurial Alums

    Innovative and successful people are often drawn to one another. Such is the case with Michael Heitner, KSB/BS ’81, John Kocay, SIS//BA ’79; KSB/MS ’84, and Hilarie Viener, SOC/BA ’92, founders and chief executives of RECHARGEnyc.

  • Alumna Generates Return on Investment – for Herself and Others

    Going straight from the Kogod School of Business to the nonprofit sector provided Sandra Walter-Steinberg, Kogod/BSBA '86, with an uphill challenge to be heard as a new voice for the business of nonprofit management.

  • Casey Pallenik, '08, sits behind the news desk on the set of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

    Casey Pallenik: Learning on the Job

    Originally, I thought of going into international relations and being a diplomat, but one photography course stopped me in my tracks. I began pursuing a Film and Media Arts degree in the School of Communication.