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Alumni Success Stories

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Success Stories

  • Doing Big Business in a Small Town

    How useful can a degree in international studies be when its holder works in a small town? More so than you might think.

  • Trading Places

    Doreen Mendoza, SIS/MA '03, has traded her life as a student for one as a world traveler and industry specialist.

  • AU Alumnus Rolls Up His Sleeves

    For proof that combining a student's experience and education will result in a well-rounded alum, take a look at Marko Klasnja, SIS/MA '07.

  • Dreaming Big and Branching Out

    Natalie Hand, SIS/BA '04, has gone from a hometown student to an experienced world traveler. Read her story and find out how.

  • Learning Around the World

    Michelline Granjean, SIS/MA '07, takes her positive experiences studying abroad and works to make others' trips just as beneficial.

  • Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

    This isn't quite what we meant when we told our alumni to keep in touch, but it's close.