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  • America's Most Succesful Cheapskate!

    Atlanta native Clark Howard, SPA '76, built a mini-media empire by pinching pennies one at a time.
    August 15, 2008

  • A Capital Presence

    Peacemakers from AU take aim at global conflicts.
    August 15, 2008

  • Tour Guide to the Future

    Marlene Bourne, SIS '90, can see he future, and it's as small as an ant's wrist.
    August 15, 2008

  • Master Mind

    When crisis strikes, companies--and even countries--turn to Richard Levick, WCL '87.
    August 15, 2008

  • Thank God for Marvin Zelen

    Meet the modest man and CAS alumnus who devised the statistical methods that underlie clinical cancer trials.
    August 15, 2008

  • From Newsman to Newsmaker

    Nicholas Schmidle, SIS '05, is an adventurer by any account. He was booted from Pakistan when his New York Times magazine story revealed a resurgent Taliban.
    August 15, 2008