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6. Bring the World to AU and AU to the World

“It’s part of what attracts students to AU, and I know from talking to parents that they consider that part of being educated.

The world is shrinking, and very few of our graduates are going to get a job where they’re only dealing with one kind of people. Whether you’re in the private or public sector, you need to have an awareness of other countries and cultures. Just as we’d assume any student who graduates from AU would be computer literate, we should assume every student will be cross-culturally literate.

“We’re one of the leading universities already in global awareness and experience. It’s a vital part of education today, and that’s going to be true long into the future. We’re already ahead of the curve; how do we expand that more?”Gary Weaver, SIS/BA ’65, SIS/MA ’67, SIS/PhD ’70, professor, SIS; and director, Intercultural Management Institute