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Curriculum Register

Curriculum Register: December 14

Copies of course proposals are available from the Office of the Registrar at 885-2263.

Approved Courses:

ACCT-551    Forensic Accounting: Fraud Examination and Litigation Support

GOVT-333    Government and Politics of the European Union (Study Abroad)

HFIT-630    Nutrition Education Methods
HFIT-650    Behavior Change in Health Promotion

IBUS-550    Microfinance in Global Business Development

LIT-242    Chinese Literature and Society (Study Abroad)

PUAD-712    Seminar in Public Administration and Democratic Constitutionalism
PUAD-714    Seminar in Organization Theory
PUAD-716    Seminar in Organizational Behavior
PUAD-718    Seminar in Public Management
PUAD-730    Proseminar in Public Policy
PUAD-732    Seminar in Policy Implementation
PUAD-734   Seminar in Policy Processes and Institutions