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Crate & Barrel Makes A Splash in Leonard Hall

By Adrienne Frank

The outdated Leonard Hall lounge got a modern makeover, with new living and dining sets from Crate & Barrel.

(Photo: Jeff Watts)

The first floor Leonard Hall lounge went from shabby to chic thanks to the Spring Valley Crate & Barrel, which donated $5,000 in new furniture and accessories.

“Since AU is so close to our store, we thought it would be a great chance to get our Crate & Barrel name out there, [and] also a chance to make a comfortable home-away-from-home for the students,” said Amy Johnson, D.C. area furniture manager. “We are so excited to put something together that the students will find enjoyable for years to come.”

The sophisticated space, which students use for movie nights and meetings with faculty, features a sofa, two armchairs, a dining table and chairs, and a buffet. On Aug. 15, store manager Kristen McTeague dropped by to add a few finishing touches: throw pillows, three framed prints, and several yards of rich, silk fabric for the bulletin board.

“Before, the room had a very ’70s feel; now it’s so warm and homey,” said RA Michaela McGill. “It’s so comfy and welcoming, and I think it will give new students a great impression of Leonard Hall.”