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Political Analysts Review Obama’s Hits, GOP’s Misses

By Adrienne Frank

 Critiquing the president’s first 100 days in office is a time-honored tradition among journalists and politicos, alike. But, interestingly, KPU’s roundtable discussion, April 26, focused less on what President Barack Obama has accomplished and more on what the GOP hasn’t done.

“The Republican party’s problems are so profound, they’re in deep trouble,” said Tucker Carlson, senior political correspondent, MSNBC, and senior fellow, The Cato Institute. “Obama’s ideas are flawed and you really pine for an opposition who’s going to say that.”

The outspoken Libertarian also noted that Obama’s following a very risky strategy, shutting out Republicans: “You can go down the wrong path an not even know it because no one’s challenging you.”

Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC anchor and cohost, Morning Joe, said the president “can handle more push-back” from the GOP. “I think the president welcomes strong opposition and healthy conversation,” she said.

When the discussion turned to the president’s first 100 days in office, David Plouffe, campaign manager, Obama for America, praised his ability to manage crises and inspire the public.

“It’s absurd to judge someone by this artificial marker, but I think he’s doing fantastic,” said Plouffe. “Last year, 8 percent of people thought the country was headed in the right direction – now the majority think we’re moving the right way.”

Brzezinski also lauded Obama for his unaccustomed accessibility. “We’re seeing an openness and an engagement that we’re not used to. As a journalist, it’s jarring.”

The event, part of KPU’s 40th anniversary lecture series, also featured Michelle Bernard, political analyst, MSNBC, and president and CEO, Independent Women’s Forum. the roundtable was moderated by NBC correspondent-at-large, Luke Russert.