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Library Marks Birthday, Welcomes Faculty

By Sally Acharya

Faculty enjoy library brunch

(Photo: Jeff Watts)

 Thirty years ago, the reference desk was a stack of cartons — at least temporarily — as the library made the transition from its space in the Battelle-Tompkins Building to the newly built Bender Library.

This week, between bites of bagels, bacon, and birthday cake at the eighth annual faculty brunch, faculty and staff who mingled at the library’s Mud Box coffeehouse learned about the library’s recent high-tech offerings and recalled, if they could, the days when the building itself was new.

Robert Richter was a doctoral student in mathematics when Bender was a large pit with construction cranes. When it opened, the library was certainly better than the previous space — but still, he says, “not very welcoming. Now it’s much improved. The first floor is so friendly now for people to use as a group,” he said, a reference to this summer’s extensive remodeling.

Richter is now a math instructor after a career as a government statistician. He joined the many new and old faculty members at the annual event to check out what the library has to offer, from media tutorials to how-to tips posted on YouTube, which can be found by searching on “americanulibrary.”