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Accomplishments: December 8, 2009


Patrick Kehoe, professor emeritus, WCL: received the American Association of Law Libraries’ Marian Gould Gallagher Distinguished Service Award, July.

William Leap, anthropology, CAS: his coedited anthology, Out in Public, 2009, was awarded the Ruth Benedict Prize for “best anthology” by the American Anthropology Associations LGBTQ Academic Interest Group.

David Pitts, SPA: his paper, “Representation of Lesbians and Gay Men in Federal, State, and Local Bureaucracies,” won the Robert W. Bailey Award for the best research paper on LGBT politics, American Political Science Association.

Beryl Radin, SPA: received the H. George Frederickson Award for Career Contributions to Public Management Research from the Public Management Research Association (PMRA).

Jo Radner, professor emerita, literature, CAS: was awarded the 2009 National Distinguished Service Award by the National Storytelling Network, October.

Tiffany Sanchez, director, New Student Programs: has been appointed cochair for sustainability education, cocurricular programs, National Association of Student Personnel Administrators’ National Sustainability Knowledge Community.


Joseph Campbell, SOC: “Fright beyond measure? The Myth of The War of the Worlds Radio Dramatization,” at the History Division “Scholar-to-Scholar” poster session, AEJMC convention, Boston.

Daniel Dreisbach, SPA: “Famous Founders and Forgotten Founders: What’s the Difference, and Does the Difference Matter?” at the Bill of Rights Institute, Washington, D.C.

Jeffrey Reiman, philosophy and religion, CAS: “The Moral Significance of Class,” at a panel celebrating the 30th anniversary of his book, The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison, annual conference of the American Society of Criminology, Philadelphia.

David Rosenbloom, SPA: copresented “Public Enterprise Reforms in the United States and the People’s Republic of China,” at the Department of Public Administration, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea.

Jan Schaffer, SOC: presided at the panel session, “Civic News Networks: Collaboration vs. Competition?” at the AEJMC convention, Boston.

Renee von Worde, language and foreign studies, CAS: “Hermann und der Schlacht von Teutoberger Wald,” Klagenfurt University , Klagenfurt, Austria.

Papers Presented

Naomi Baron, language and foreign studies, CAS: presented a paper on cross-cultural free associations with the term ‘mobile phone’ at a COST 298 conference (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), Copenhagen.

Michael Black, computer science, CAS, and William Edgar, graduate student in computer science: “An Exploration of Mobile Devices as Grid Resources: Using an x86 Virtual Machine to Run BOINC on an iPhone,” at the 10th IEEE/ ACM International Conference on Grid Computing in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Shubha Pathak, philosophy and religion, CAS: “Poetic Creation as Divine Devotion in Ancient India: Kalidasa’s Worship of Siva in Secondary Epics” at “Approaching God: A Symposium on Hindu Devotion,” sponsored by the Center for the Study of Religion, Princeton University.

Published Works

Pat Aufderheide, SOC, coauthored with Mridu Chandra and Peter Jaszi, WCL: Honest Truths: Documentary Filmmakers on Ethical Challenges in Their Work, Center for Social Media, September 2009.

Alberto Espinosa, Kogod: coauthored “Crossing Spatial and Temporal Boundaries in Globally Distributed Projects: A Relational Model of Coordination Delay,” in Information Systems Research, September 2009.

James Heintze, librarian emeritus, University Library: Music of the Fourth of July: A Year-by-Year Chronicle of Performances and Works Composed for the Occasion, 1777–2008, McFarland and Company, 2009.

Philip Johnson, physics, CAS: coauthored “Effective Three Body Interactions of Neutral Bosons in Optical Lattices,” in New Journal of Physics 11, 093022 (2009).

Robert Marshak, SPA: Organizational Change: Views from the Edge, the Lewin Center, 2009.

Andrew Popper, WCL: Rediscovering Lone Pine, a novel, West Publishing, a Thomson Reuters Company, 2009.

Gemma Puglisi, SOC: “Taking Risks in the Classroom,” Chronicle of Higher Education, December 2009.

Roberta Rubenstein, literature, CAS: Virginia Woolf and the Russian Point of View, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

Richard Sha, literature, CAS: “Blake, Liberation, Medicine,” in Liberating Medicine, Pickering and Chatto, 2009.

Rita Simon, SPA, and Christiaan de Waal, SPA graduate student: coauthored Prisons the World Over, Lexington Books, 2009.

Donald Zauderer, professor emeritus, SPA: chapter, “Graduate School Education: Learning in a Culture of Relatedness,” in the anthology Community, Psychotherapy and Life Focus, edited by Brian O’Neill.


Max Paul Friedman, history, CAS: interviewed by Canada’s National Post concerning the article “Simulacrobama: The Mediated Election of 2008” in the Journal of American Studies.

Peter Kuznick, history, CAS: was interviewed by Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun about the controversy surrounding Obama’s receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Judith Shapiro, SIS: debated Obama’s healthcare reform plans on Voice of America China Branch.