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Technology Continues to Evolve

By Mike Unger

When the new launched in late March, it marked a milestone—but not the end—in a lengthy redesign process. 

Since then, academic centers, offices, and divisions have launched their own pages as part of Phase II, which chief Web strategist Michael Heasley said is an ongoing process.

“We are always working to give visitors to the site a great experience,” he said. “Our goal is to help prospective students visualize themselves here and to keep the community—faculty, staff, and alumni—connected.”

The home page is now in the midst of refinement designed to make certain things easier to find by reorganizing links. Other plans for Phase II include the addition of blogging tools, photo galleries, increased video capability, and a reworking of AUPedia.

Since March, several new subsites have debuted, including pages for:

Heasley and manager of Web communications Jon Hussey have worked with staff in each of those departments to advise, facilitate, review, and approve the new sites.

“We provide guidance for the designers and tips on how to write great news and success stories, optimize photos, and maximize SEO (search engine optimization),” Heasley said. “The operating model of this is decentralized, so people take pride and ownership in what they publish. We want to provide tools and guidelines so the overall site is consistent in voice, look, and feel.”