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Scholars in Ink: Washington College of Law

stack of books

Putting pen to paper—or fingertip to key—is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of a university professor. American University’s faculty are a prolific bunch. Each year they publish dozens and dozens of papers, chapters, and full books on subjects ranging from history to economics to the law. Faculty publications in 2010 include:

Health Care Fraud and Abuse Compliance Manual
Editor in chief Corrine Parver, Washington College of Law

The Health Care Fraud and Abuse Compliance Manual, a Wolters Kluwer publication, provides a comprehensive overview of legislative, regulatory, and administrative restrictions that affect the way in which health-care providers, such as physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, and home health entities conduct business and how they structure relationships among themselves. The manual helps providers determine the boundaries of permissible conduct under the myriad statutes and regulations that relate to health-care fraud and abuse at both the federal and state levels. Because the sanctions, fines, and penalties are especially harsh for violations of these statutes and regulations, the manual delivers an essential resource guide for health industry providers and their legal counsel in determining behaviors and business arrangements to avoid.  —CS