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’70s Show Actor Talks Shop with AU Film Buffs

By Adrienne Frank

Dan Fogler, left, and Topher Grace star in the '80s romantic comedy,

Dan Fogler, left, and Topher Grace star in the '80s romantic comedy, "Take Me Home Tonight." (Photo: Jeff Watts)

When That ’70s Show star Topher Grace dropped by AU, February 11, to promote his new romantic comedy—set in the ’80s—one student couldn’t help but ask: is a film set in the ’90s next?

“There will be a ’90s movie in the vein of American Graffiti and the director’s probably 19 right now. Maybe it’s one of you guys,” said Grace, who was joined by Dan Fogler, his costar in Take Me Home Tonight.

The film, which hits theaters March 4, follows an aimless college grad, played by Grace, who pursues the girl of his dreams at a wild Labor Day party. And while the ‘80s “are easy to make fun of,” Grace, who produced the movie, said it’s a celebration of the decade in which he grew up.

Best known as gawky Wisconsin teenager Eric Forman in the long-running ’70s sitcom, the New York City native recalled his awkward high school years during the Q&A session with about 100 AU movie wonks.

“I wasn’t that popular in high school. My mom will say, ‘oh, you had all these friends,’ and I’ll say, ‘that’s ’70s Show, mom, that’s revisionist history,” laughed the actor, 32.

The event was sponsored by the School of Communication Film Society, the Student Union Board, and ThinkTalk, a Washington-based TV network for college students.