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Curriculum Register

Curriculum Register: April 14

Copies of course proposals are available from the Office of the Registrar at 885-2263.

Proposed Courses:

FIN-683 Modern Financial Markets and Institutions

GOVT-408/608 The Idea of America in European Political Thought
GOVT-465/665 Politics and the Internet
GOVT-535 Leaders in Comparative Perspective
GOVT-639 Critical Debates in Comparative Politics

IBUS-704 Strategic and Organizational Challenges for the Multinational Enterprise

ITEC-388 Information Technology for Financial Services

KSB-255 Strategic Business Communications

SIS-543 The Politics of Identity in the Middle East

Approved Courses:

BIO-140 Topics in Marine Science
BIO-241 Topics in Biological Oceanography
BIO-324 Topics in Marine Ecology
BIO-345 Research Experience in Marine Biology
BIO-372 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO-373 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO-441 Marine Population Genetics
BIO-444 Larval Ecology
BIO-445 Ichthyology with Laboratory

IBUS-244 International Management Practices

KSB-655 Business Communications
KSB 749 AU-WHU MBA European Institute   
KSB 750 AU-ESCP-EAP Management Program

MGMT-360 Nonprofit and Social Entrepreneurship
MGMT-361 Global Entrepreneurship and Micro Enterprises
MGMT-382 Entrepreneurship and Innovation  
MGMT-383 Entrepreneurship Business Plans: Creating, Building, and Managing Ventures
MGMT-385 Entrepreneurship Financing and Legal Strategies 

SIS-653 Topics in U.S. Foreign Policy