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Curriculum Register: April 20

Copies of course proposals are available from the Office of the Registrar at 885-2263. 

Proposed Courses:

ACCT-609 Management Accounting

COMM/GOVT-628 Proseminar in Political Communication
COMM/GOVT-629 Capstone in Political Communication

ENVS-150 Sustainable Earth
ENVS-300 Conservation Thinking

IBUS-734 International Dimensions in Management: Research

KSB-356/656 Management Communications for Social Responsibility

MGMT-632 Strategic Human Capital Management

PERF-307 Principles of Movement

PHIL-480 Senior Seminar

Approved Courses:

BIO-442 Behavioral Ecology

COMM-573 Visual Strategies in Public Relations
COMM-574 The Business of Television
COMM-575 Advanced Writing for Documentary Film

ENVS-350 Environmental Geology

FIN-201 Applied Personal Finance
FIN-462 Private Wealth Management

GOVT-282 Introduction to Women and Politics

HIST-240 Modern European History: 1750-Present

ITEC-377/677 Microsoft Certification

SIS-457/657 International Economic Organizations: Public and Private
SIS-458/658 Financial Issues in Latin America
SIS-468/668 International Finance and the Emerging Markets
SIS-475 Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in a Comparative Perspective
SIS-476 Religion and Politics Worldwide

SOCY-335 Sociology of Birth and Death