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Curriculum Register

Curriculum Register: June 22

Copies of course proposals are available from the Office of the Registrar at 885-2263. 

Proposed Courses:

ACCT-601 Legal Aspects of Business and Governance

BIO-545 Product Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry

COMM-305 Digital Skills
COMM-588 Race, Ethnic and Community Reporting

GOVT-220 The American Constitution
GOVT-351 Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Liberties

KSB-611 Strategy 1:  Strategic Thinking
KSB-612 Strategy 2: Integrative Case Experience
KSB-613 Strategy 3: Strategic Decision Making

LIT-403 Creative Writing: Nonfiction

MGMT-617 Sustainable Systems
MGMT-618 Sustainable Strategy and Management

PUAD-670 Economics for Policy Analysis

SIS-352/652 North America: An Introduction to the Region
SIS-353 Topics in U.S. Foreign Policy
SIS-629 Europe Core Seminar
SIS-631 Islamic Studies Core Seminar
SIS-654 Africa Core Seminar
SIS-655 Asia Core Seminar
SIS-661 Russia and Central Eurasia Core Seminar
SIS-670 Americas Core Seminar
SIS-671 Middle East Core Seminar

WGSS-240 Sexualities Studies