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Curriculum Register

Curriculum Register: March 22

Copies of course proposals are available from the Office of the Registrar at 885-2263. 

Proposed Courses:

COMM-426 Sports Writing and Reporting
COMM-556 Cross Cultural Film and Video Production

FIN-471 Quantitative Methods in Finance
FIN-472 Fixed Income

GOVT-226 National Security and War on Terrorism
GOVT-326 History of the Conservative Movement: 1945-Present
GOVT-433 Topics in Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
GOVT-531 Watergate: A Constitutional Crisis

JLS-536 Reproduction and the Law

PHYS-360 Astrophysics
PHYS-380 Mathematical and Computational Physics
PHYS-460 Statistical Mechanics
PHYS-480 Physics Capstone Seminar

SOCY-310 Language, Culture, Power

SPAN-355 Spanish Introductory Topics
SPAN-482/682 Postdictatorial Southern Cone Literature
SPAN-483/683 Postdictatorial Southern Cone Icons and Identity
SPAN-553 Culture and Radical Politics in Latin America
SPAN-555 Southern Cone Performance, Memory, and Activism
SPAN-556 Culture and Violence in Latin America
SPAN-557 Afro-Latin American Culture, Literature, and Music
SPAN-558 Colombia and the Amazonia
SPAN-560 Latin American Caudillos, Caciques, and Dictators
SPAN-701 Latin American Theatre and Politics
SPAN-702 Latin American History and Politics from the Margins
SPAN-704 Central American Cultural Studies

STAT-203 Basic Statistics with Calculus