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Curriculum Register

Curriculum Register: August 31

Copies of course proposals are available from the Office of the Registrar at 885-2263. 

Proposed Courses:

ENVS-324 Environmental Health

PERF-586 Performing Arts Programming
PERF-675 Governance and Board Development
PERF-794 Literature and Proposal Writing
PERF-795 Research and Writing 

PHIL-241 Bioethics

PSYC-522 Stress, Coping, and Emotion
PSYC-715 Supervision and Consultation 

PUBH-110 Introduction to Public Health
PUBH-320 Introduction to Infectious Disease
PUBH-340 Fundamentals of Epidemiology
PUBH-480 Public Health Capstone 

SIS-221 Global Heath 

STAT-320 Biostatistics 

Approved Courses:

ARTH-220 Introduction to the Arts of Japan 

COMM-526 Photojournalism and Social Documentary
COMM-552 Social Media Strategies and Tactics
COMM-566 Practice of Environmentalism: Policy, Science, and Communication 

GOVT-689 Seminar in Applied Politics 

KSB-489/689 Peace through Commerce Practicum 

PUAD-671 Cost Benefit Analysis 

SIS-792 Practice of International Relations