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2009–2010 New Database Acquisitions

The AU Library proudly announces significant additions to the list of more than 200 databases already available for student, staff, and faculty use.  Particularly noteworthy is the expansion of access to journals from Elsevier and Sage, publishers of journals in demand by researchers.

The ScienceDirect database now includes the Freedom Collection, which provides access to virtually every journal published by Elsevier, more than 1,800 titles with over 10 million articles. While this expanded collection is strong in the health, life, and physical sciences, it also includes titles in the social sciences and other fields.

A broad spectrum of disciplines is also covered by the expanded AU access to Sage journals, now more than 450 titles.

Databases added throughout this academic year and available through the library and ALADIN Web sites include:

  • American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries — This directory lists American companies that have a substantial investment in overseas operations, including wholly or partially owned subsidiaries, affiliates, or branches. It is accompanied by another new database, Foreign Firms Operating in the United States.
  • Choice Reviews Online — This title reviews many of the most important new scholarly monographs and other books intended for college and university library collections.
  • Consumer — Everyone’s favorite product review print publication is now available online for business students and others.
  • D&B: The Million Dollar Database — Dun and Bradstreet’s well-known directory provides information about approximately 1,600,000 U.S. and Canadian leading public and private businesses.
  • Digital Dictionary of Buddhism — The dictionary is a compilation of more than 45,000 entries, including Buddhist terms, texts, schools, temples, and persons.
  • Leadership Library — This online version of the various titles in the Yellow Book series is updated daily and  lists several hundred thousand individuals in U.S. federal, state, and local governments, news media, law firms, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.
  • El Pais — This “newsstand e-edition” reproduces one of the world’s most important Spanish language newspapers as it would appear if purchased on the street in Madrid. 
  • RAND Corporation Publications — More than 17,000 items (dating back to 1949), including books, reports, and working papers, provide extensive coverage for a prominent nonprofit global think tank that focuses on national security and other public policy issues.
  • Reaxys — This database combines two major resources for chemistry, Beilstein (organic chemistry) and Gmelin (inorganic chemistry), with patent data to provide substance, reaction, and catalyst information. Its many special search features, include the ability to search by drawing a 3D chemical compound.
  • Sage — FindIt and other links give access to more than 450 journals.
  • ScienceDirect — The expanded access to Elsevier journals in this science–social science database includes more than 1,800 journals with more than 10,000,000 articles, most dating back to 1995.