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Accomplishments: October 7


Kathe Hicks Albrecht, curator, visual resources, CAS: developed and chaired the session “Saltcellars, Oliphants, and Gems: Preserving Legacy Image Collections,” at the Visual Resources Association annual conference, San Diego, March.

Erran Carmel, Kogod: invited speaker on two topics—micro-sourcing and teaching outsourcing and offshoring—at the New York University Global Delivery Conference, New York City, May

Robert Carroll, SPA: panelist at a White House discussion on the anniversary of the passage of President Bush’s ’01 and ’03 tax relief bills, June.

Robert Marshak, SPA: presented “The Covert Barriers to Organizational Change,” at the American Society for Training and Development 2008 International Conference and Exposition, San Diego, June.

Lori Reynolds, ISSS: presented “Coping with Ambiguous F and J Regulations: Strategies for Effective Decision-making When the Regulations are Unclear” and “SEVIS Q&A with SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program),” at the NAFSA: Association of International Educators annual conference, May.

David Rosenbloom, SPA: “The Current Status and Future Prospects of Academic and Applied Public Administration in the U.S.,” Program of Human Resource Development on Public Sector and Civil Society, National Taipei University, May.


Gordon Adams, SIS: was interviewed by Defense News on the new capability guidance process at the Defense Department, April.

H. Kent Baker, Kogod: quoted in the article “After years of light regulation, credit-rating firms are facing tougher scrutiny from the government,” in the National Journal, May.

Curtis Gans, director, Center for the Study of the American Electorate: quoted in the article “Primary Turnout in 2008 Nears—but Doesn’t Beat —Record,” in the Wall Street Journal, May.

Sue Gordon, Career Center: interviewed for the segment “The Slow Economy Has Employers Putting the Brakes on Perks,” on PBS’s Nightly Business Report, May.

Laura Juliano, psychology, CAS: quoted in the article “The Coffee Junkie’s Guide to Caffeine Addiction: We’re hooked like never before. Is that bad?” in New York magazine, May.

Neil Kerwin, president: interviewed for the article “Q&A on continuing education,” in the Hill, May.

Nancy Polikoff, WCL: quoted in the article “Court Denies Parental Status Of Ex-Partners,” in the Washington Post, May.

Herman Schwartz, WCL: quoted in the USA Today article “Reagan’s influence lives on in U.S. courts,” May.

Rita Simon, SPA: quoted in the article “De-emphasis on Race in Adoption Is Criticized,” in the New York Times, June.

Leonard Steinhorn, SOC: quoted in an article regarding Republican strategies against Barach Obama, in the Waterbury Republican-American, May.

James Thurber, director, CCPS: quoted in the article “McCain Adviser’s Work As Lobbyist Criticized: Foreign Clients Included Notorious Rulers,” in the Washington Post, May.

Emilio Viano, SPA: interviewed on Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and Radio Liberty on the results of the Italian general election; on NBC on the significance of the Pope’s visit for American politics; on PBS Spanish on the remaining presidential primaries, April.

Andrew Yarrow, history, CAS: his book, Forgive Us Our Debts: The Intergenerational Dangers of Fiscal Irresponsibility, was featured in the article “Boomers planting a debt bomb,” in the Baltimore Sun, April.

Papers Presented

J. Alberto Espinosa, Kogod: “Crossing Spatial and Temporal Boundaries in Globally Distributed Projects: A Relational Model of Coordination Delay,” at a workshop for a special issue of Information Systems Research (ISR) journal, University of Limerick, Ireland; he also presented the paper at a research seminar at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Published Works

Caren Goldberg, Kogod: coauthored with M. A., Taylor, L. Shore, and P. Lipka, “The Dynamic Effects of Retirement Expectations and Social Support on Post-retirement Adjustment: A Longitudinal Analysis,” in the Journal of Managerial Psychology, 24, 1–8.

Philip Johnson, physics, CAS: “Probing optical lattice states with double well atom interferometry,” in Proceedings of SPIE 6976, 697603 (2008).

Allan Lichtman, history, CAS: op-ed, “The Democratic dream ticket,” in the Gazette (Maryland) newspaper, May.

Julie Mertus, SIS; and Lisa Davis ’03: “Citizenship and Location in a World of Torture,” New York City Law Review, vol 10 (2), 2007.

Brian Nelson, Kogod: published the chapter “The American National System of Corporate Governance,” in Corporate Governance Around the World.

Beryl Radin, SPA: “PART– One Size Fits All,” in the American Society for Public Administration’s PA Times, June 2008.