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Professional News

Accomplishments: April 14

Performances/Media Productions/Exhibitions

Bob Connelly, SOC, CAS: was interviewed for 5020 Cathedral Ave., a short documentary about the life of gay civil rights pioneer Frank Kameny.


Kyle Dargan, literature, CAS: won the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award in the poetry category for Bouquet of Hungers, University of Georgia Press.

Alan Kraut, history, CAS: his book, coauthored with Deborah Kraut, Covenant of Care, Newark Beth Israel and the Jewish Hospital in America (2007) was awarded the annual book award for the best work of nonfiction by the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance.

Naima Prevots, professor emerita, performing arts, CAS: received an award from the Urban Arts Alliance for “Exemplary Commitment to the Arts.”

Beryl Radin, SPA: was a visiting professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Hong Kong.


Kathe Hicks Albrecht, curator, visual resources, CAS: “Digital Images in the Classroom: Understanding Copyright Rules and the Fair Use Exemption,” Wesley Theological Seminary; the event was sponsored by the Washington Theological Consortium Arts Group.

Brock Brady, language and foreign studies, CAS: “Foreign Language Teaching in the U.S.: Best Practices,” presentation to participants in the Teachers of Critical program of the American Councils for International Education, Washington, D.C.

Daniel Dreisbach, SPA: delivered the keynote address at the conference “America’s Forgotten Founders,” University of Louisville.

Todd Eisenstadt, SPA: “Institutions and Multiculturalism,” at an international course in Oaxaca, Mexico, sponsored by the Due Process of Law Foundation, USAID, AU, and the Oaxaca Autonomous University Conference.

Mary Kennard, VP and general counsel: attended the conference of  the Society of University Lawyers (SOUL), Australia.

Eric Lohr, history, CAS: “Paradoxes of the Illegality of Jewish Emigration in Late Imperial Russia,” opening address for the conference “Points of Passage: Jewish Transmigrants from Eastern Europe in Germany, Britain, Scandinavia, and other Countries, 1860–1929,” Hamburg Emigration Museum, BallinStadt, Hamburg, Germany.

David Rosenbloom, SPA: “Building Value Pluralism in Public Administration: Rights, Representation, Participation, and Transparency,” Department of Public and Social Administration, City University of Hong Kong.

Abdul Aziz Said, director, Center for Global Peace, and SIS: hosted a conference at which he initiated the Universalist Project Virtual Think Tank, which  will produce research and scholarship on “universalism” across time.

Judith Shapiro, SIS: led a discussion of the film Up the Yangtze for the Environmental Film Festival, Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars.

Marie Spaulding, Career Center: “Get a Virtual Life:  Academic Applications of Second Life” at the 19th Annual Careers in Art and Design Conference, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, June.

Gary Weaver, SIS: gave two seminars, “American Identity and Culture” and “Intercultural Communication,” to U.S. embassy staff in Oslo, Norway.

Papers Presented

Robert Durant, SPA: “Theory Building, Administrative Reform Movements, and the Perdurability of Herbert Hoover,” at the 67th International Atlantic Economic Society Meetings, Rome, Italy.

Richard Sha, literature, CAS: paper “The Im/materiality of the Imagination in Romantic Science,” at the MLA Conference, San Francisco, 2008.

Published Works

Anna Amirkhanyan, SPA:  “The Smart-Seller Challenge: the Determinants of Privatizing Public Nursing Homes,” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 17 (3).

Naomi Baron, language and foreign studies, CAS: invited op-ed for Newsday on computer-mediated language and high school composition skills.

Robert Beisner, professor emeritus, history, CAS: the paperback edition of Dean Acheson: A Life in the Cold War (originally published in 2006) was published by Oxford University Press.

Tim Bergin, professor emeritus, CSIS, CAS: “Jean Sammet: Programming Language Contributor and Historian, and ACM President,” Biographies Department, IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, 31/1 (January-March 2009). This biography was based on an oral history that Bergin did for the Association of Computer Machinery in 2006.

Consuelo Hernandez, language and foreign studies, CAS: “Los músicos de Jazz,” Revista La Urraka, Edición Internacional: Poesía Del Mundo, no 16, August 2008.

Robert Marshak, SPA: coauthored “Transforming Talk: The Interplay of Discourse, Power and Change,” in Organization Development Journal.

Jeffrey Schaler, SPA: “Psychiatry,” in Ronald Hamoway (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism, Cato Institute.

Maria Amelia Viteri, PhD, anthropology, CAS,  and Aaron Tobler, PhD candidate, anthropology, CAS, and Office of Enrollment: 2009 Shifting Positionalities: The Local and International Geo-Politics of Surveillance and Policing, Cambridge Scholars Press.