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Accomplishments: October 6


Mustafa Aksakal, history, CAS: awarded a John W. Kluge Fellowship for study at the Library of Congress.

Fernando Benadon, music, CAS: awarded a 2009 Guggenheim Fellowship.

James Girard, chemistry, CAS: named a Franklin Fellow at the U.S. Department of State where he will serve as a science advisor.

Anthony Hayes, WAMU: was named the Public Radio Association of Development Officers (PRADO) Development Professional of the Year, at the Development and Marketing Conference (PRDMC), San Diego, July.

Dan Kalman, mathematics and statistics, CAS: his paper, “An Elementary Proof of Marden’s Theorem,” in The American Mathematical Monthly, vol 115, no 4, April 2008, was awarded the Mathematical Association of America’s Lester R. Ford Award.

Claudia Myers, SOC: her film The Long Road Back won a Silver Telly.

Robert Tobias, director, Public Sector Executive Education, SPA: is serving on a three-person committee to review the National Security Personnel System; the Department of Defense pay for performance system.


Naomi Baron, language and foreign studies, CAS: spoke on the use of multitasking and other forms of social control via information and communication technologies at the “Exploring Leadership Colloquium,” NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Daniel Dreisbach, SPA: “Religion in the Political Rhetoric of the American Founding,” Center for Faith and Politics, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Va.

Robert Durant, SPA: plenary session speaker via video link at the WasteMINZ 21st Annual Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Larry Engel, SOC: panelist for “How Green is Green: Do Filmmakers Have an Environmental Responsibility?” AFI SilverDocs, Silver Spring, Md. 

Max Paul, history, CAS: “Why Do They Hate U.S.: Anti-Americanism in Politics and Prose,” American Studies Program, University of Dortmund, Germany.

David Rosenbloom, SPA: keynote speech, “Conceptual Models of Collaborative Governance,” at the conference “Theory and Practice of Public Administration in a Changing World,” School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University, Shanghai, PRC.

Marie Spaulding, Career Center: “Art, Ecology and Jobs: How can artists adapt to the new green economy and earn a living?” at the 20th Annual Career Issues in Art and Design Conference, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Ore.

Papers Presented

Michel Robe, Kogod: “Fundamentals, Trading Activity and Derivative Pricing,” Penn State University; also presented at the 19th FDIC-Cornell Conference on Derivatives and Risk Management; and the Second OPEC-EU Workshop on the Impact of Financial Markets on the Price of Oil.

Judith Shapiro, SIS: presented a paper on the Lakota Sioux of Pine Ridge at the workshop “Ecological Resettlement,” at the International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Kunming, China.

Maggie Stogner, SOC: “The Media-Enhanced Museum Experience,” at the Media in Transition (MiT6) international conference.

Jon Wisman, economics, CAS: “Increasing Inequality, Status Insecurity, Ideology, and the Financial Crisis of 2008,” Association for Institutionalist Thought Meetings, Albuquerque, N. Mex.

Published Works

Anna Amirkhanyan, SPA: “Collaborative Performance Measurement: Examining and Explaining the Prevalence of Collaboration in State and Local Government Performance Monitoring,” in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.

Robert Marshak, SPA: Organizational Change: Views from the Edge, the Lewin Center, 2009.

Gemma Puglisi, SOC: wrote an article on the anniversary of the movie Broadcast News, Quill magazine, May issue.

Susan Shepler, SIS, coauthored with Patricia Minikon, student, SIS: “Documenting Human Rights Abuses among the Diaspora: Lessons Learned from the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” in Human Rights after the Cold War: Assessing Challenges and Opportunities, Noha Shawki and Michaelene Cox, editors. Ashgate Publishers, 2009.

James Thurber, director, CCPS, and Candice Nelson, director, Campaign Management Institute: coedited Campaigns and Elections American Style: Transforming American Politics, a series of essays by academics and campaign professionals about the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Charles White, emeritus, philosophy and religion, CAS: his work, A Catalogue of Vaisnava Literature on Microfilms in the Adyar Library, The Bodleian Library and the American University Library, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2004, was reviewed by P.R. Mukund and Sripriya Das of the Center for the Preservation of Ancient Manuscripts at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, N.Y. The review was published in The Journal of Vaishnava Studies, vol 17, no 2, spring 2009.


Peter Kuznick, history, CAS: was interviewed by the Chugoku Shinbun (Hiroshima) and NHK TV about how this year’s Hiroshima Memorial Ceremony compared to previous years’ ceremonies. Two of his students were also interviewed by the Chigoku Shinbun and two others were interviewed by NHK about this year’s ceremony.