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Accomplishments: May 18


Anna Amirdjanova, mathematics and statistics, CAS: received a two-year project grant from the National Science Foundation for “Stochastic Evolution Equations Driven by Nonmartingale Random Fields and Related Topics.”

Daniel Levin, SETH, CAS: received a grant from the University of Maryland–College Park to supplement an NSF grant for the project “What Influences Teachers Modification of Curriculum?”

Kathryn Muratore, chemistry, CAS: received a grant from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement for the project “Knowledge-based Redesign of Enzymes to Identify Substrate Specificity Determinants.”

Susan Shepler, SIS, and Sharyn Routh, SIS PhD student: their coauthored article, “Effects of Teacher Training for Refugee Women in West Africa: Fostering Agents of Change in Schools and Society?” won the Jackie Kirk Memorial Competition sponsored by the Interagency Network on Education in Emergencies, February.



Naomi Baron, language and foreign studies, CAS: “Cell Phones, Control, and Culture” at the Gershman Y, Philadelphia, December.

Scott Bass, provost: panelist, “The Second Awkward Age: Life at 55 and Beyond,” at the Urban Institute Forum, sponsored by the Urban Institute and Public Agenda, March.

Robert Marshak, SPA: “Organization Development and Post-Confucian Countries” at the Center for Organization Dynamics, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, October.

Julie Mertus, SIS: gave the Sidore lecture on the United Nations and Human Rights, Plymouth College, New Hampshire, November.

Ghiyath Nakshbendi, Kogod: “What’s the Deal? Exploring Islamic Finance,” Booz Allen’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Diversity Forum, McLean, Va., February.

Jeffrey Reiman, philosophy and religion, CAS: “Marxian Libertarianism: Liberty, Property, and the Just State,” C.W. Post University, Brookville, N.Y., March.

David Rosenbloom, SPA: “The Evolution of Traditional Public Administration to Reinvention: Rethinking Our Recent Past,” Department of Public Administration and Policy, National Taipei University and Taiwan Public Governance Research Center, National Taiwan University, October.

John White, physics, CAS: “Fluid Phase Equilibria for SSSW Potentials Predicted Using Monte Carlo Simulations in the Gibbs Ensemble,” American Physical Society meeting, Washington, D.C., February.


Papers Presented

David Carlini, biology, CAS: “Experimentally Increased Codon Bias in the Drosophila Adh Gene Leads to an Increase in Larval, But Not Adult, Alcohol Dehydrogenase Activity,” in Genetics, February.

Paul Wapner, SIS: “The Case for Contemplative Environmental Studies,” International Studies Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, February.


Published Works

Erran Carmel, Kogod: coauthored with J. Dedrick, and K. Kraemer “Routinizing the Offshore Choice: Applying Diffusion of Innovation to the Case of EDS,” in Strategic Outsourcing, an International Journal, 2009.

Bette Dickerson, sociology, CAS: coauthored “Black Senior Women and Sexuality” in Black Sexualities, Rutgers University Press, December 2009.

Daniel Dreisbach, SPA: and Jeffry Morrison, chapter, “Religion and the Presidency of George Washington,” in Religion and the American Presidency, ed. Gaston Espinosa, Columbia University Press, 2009.

Consuelo Hernandez, language and foreign studies, CAS: Voces y perspectivas en la poesia latinoamericana del siglo XX, Visor Libros y Agencia Internacional de Cooperacion Espanola, 2009.

Robert Johnson, SPA, and Sonia Tabriz, student, SPA: “Dead Kids Walking,” a legal commentary published online by the Advocacy Resource Bank of the Campaign For Fair Sentencing of Youth.

Gwanhoo Lee, Kogod: with Weidong Xia, “Towards Agile: An Integrated Analysis of Quantitative and Qualitative Field Data on Software Development Agility,” in MIS Quarterly, 34(1), 2010.

Richard Sha, literature, CAS: “Imagination as Inter-science,” in European Romantic Review 20:5, 2009.

Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, sociology, CAS: authored “Religion/Spirituality, U.S. Latina/o Communities, and Sexuality Scholarship” and contributed to “Revisiting Activos and Pasivos,” both for Latina/o Sexualities, Rutgers University Press, November 2009.

Patricia West, Alex Hodges, and Michael Matos, University Library: “Maintaining an Open Door in an Increasingly Closed Society: Effective Solutions for Academic Libraries in the Age of CALEA,” in the Journal of Academic Librarianship, 35(6).

Katherine Wilson, College Writing Program, CAS, and Angela Dadak, TESOL, CAS: “Decoding Worlds of Writing,” NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Region VIII Annual Convention, Washington, D.C.

Andrew Yarrow, history, CAS: “Sustainability and Intergenerational Solidarity,” in Generations: Journal of the American Society on Aging, vol 33, no 3, fall 2009.



Peter Kuznick, history, CAS: was interviewed by Iran’s Fars News on Mohamed El Baradei’s successes and failures as director of the IAEA.

Judith Shapiro, SIS: discussed gay marriage on Voice of America China Branch, January.