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Accomplishments: September 28

Media Productions/Exhibitions

Mark Oxman, professor emeritus, art, CAS: the Decimation of Professor Richard Fink, an exhibition of 20 life-size portrait heads modeled from life and cast in plaster and ceremoniously smashed in a ritual of decimation, a combination of performance and enduring sculpture, Kirby Theatre, Amherst College, Amherst, Mass.

Maggie Burnette Stogner, SOC: was the producer-director-writer of films for a new National Geographic traveling exhibition, “Ancient Treasure Ships—From China to Arabia” that opened in Singapore this summer and will tour Asia and the Middle East.


Sonya Grier, Kogod: and Guillaume Johnson, Witwatersrand University, won the ninth annual “Dark Side” case-writing competition this year sponsored by the Critical Management Studies division of the Academy of Management (AOM) for their case on corporate marketing practices toward ethnic minority youth.

Robert Marshak, SPA: an article he published with Gervase Bushe on diagnostic and dialogic forms of OD in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science was selected as the Douglas McGregor Memorial Award for best article appearing in the journal in 2009.

Beryl Radin, SPA: was awarded the H. George Frederickson Award for Lifetime Achievement and Continuous Contributions to Public Management Research over an Extended Career by the Public Management Research Association.

David Rosenbloom, SPA: won an award from the American Society for Public Administration for lifetime achievement in public sector scholarship on human resources management.


Kimberly Leighton, philosophy and religion, CAS: was interviewed on the Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, on the new legal and ethical frontiers of modern parenthood.

Ellen Feder, philosophy and religion, CAS: was interviewed by Colombian National Radio regarding the recent controversy over the administration of dexamethasone for purposes of preventing the “masculinizing effects” of congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

Ira Robbins, WCL: was interviewed on The Colbert Report, Comedy Central, regarding the First Amendment right to use the middle-finger gesture.

Emilio Viano, SPA: was  extensively quoted in an analysis by the BBC MUNDO concerning  the proposed burning of the Koran and  the role of the media in creating a crisis disproportionate to the reality of the event.


Naomi Baron, language and foreign studies, CAS: participant in the workshop on knowledge management titled “English as a Scientific Lingua Franca: Beyond Simple Answers” sponsored by the EU COST Initiative (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), Brussels.

Robert Blecker, economics, CAS: “Global Imbalances: A Perspective from the Americas,” at the 2010 Money and Banking Conference held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Robin Broad, SIS: during field research in the Philippines did a congressional briefing on alternatives to the free-market.

Daniel Dreisbach, SPA: “How the English Bible Informed American Public Culture,” at the Dunham Bible Museum, Houston Baptist University, Houston, Texas.

Robert Durant, SPA: gave the keynote address at a meeting of the University of Tennessee Board of Visitors for a conference entitled, “The Future of Governance,” sponsored by the Howard Baker Center for Public Policy.

Katherine Stahl, executive director, Career Center: panelist, “Young, Educated, and Unemployed: Keeping College Graduates from Becoming a Lost Generation,” a roundtable hosted by Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Bus Boys and Poets, Washington, D.C.

Papers Presented

Paul Rice, WCL: From Shallow Waters, third poetry book in a trilogy of books about his childhood in West Virginia and Kentucky in the mid-twentieth Century, Finishing Line Press, 2010.

Richard Sha, literature, CAS: “Romantic Sciences and the Mediating Imagination: Goethe to Faraday,” at the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism meeting, Vancouver, Canada.

Susan Shepler, SIS: “Effects of Teacher Training for Refugee Women in West Africa: Fostering Agents of Change in Schools and Society,” at the conference “Engendering Empowerment: Education and Equality (E4),” sponsored by U.N. Girls’ Education Initiative, Dakar, Senegal.

Published Works

Joseph Eldridge, university chaplain, Campus Life, and Robert Tomasko, SIS: “The Progressive Way to Shrink an NGO,” in Advancing Philanthropy, July-August 2010.

Consuelo Hernandez, language and foreign studies, CAS: Voces y perspectivas en la poesía latinoamericana del siglo XX, Visor Libros and Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional, 2009.

Peter Kuznick, history, CAS: “Awakening America’s ‘Moral Responsibility to Act,’” in Chugoku Shimbun, the city of Hiroshima’s newspaper—part of a series entitled Hiroshima and the World.

Gemma Puglisi, SOC: “Judge Wrong in Davis Decision,” op-ed in response to the Troy Davis verdict, in Savannah Morning News.

Paul Rice, WCL: From Shallow Waters, a book of poetry, Finishing Line Press, 2010.

Jeffrey Schaler, SPA: edited Peter Singer Under Fire: The Moral Iconoclast Faces His Critics, Open Court Publishers, 2009. His book was favorably reviewed by Thomas Nagel, New York University professor of philosophy, for the New York Review of Books in March 2010.

Paul Wapner, SIS: Living through the End of Nature: The Future of American Environmentalism, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010.

Charles S.J. White, professor emeritus, philosophy and religion, CAS: has published the foreword to Steven Rosen’s Krishna’s Other Song: A New Look at the Uddhava Gita, Praeger, 2010.

Andrew Yarrow, history, CAS: op-ed, “The Decline of the Middle,” in the Baltimore Sun, April.