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Accomplishments: February 23


Mustafa Aksakal, history, CAS: received a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship for 2011–12.

Gail Short Hanson, VP, campus life: was nominated as a Pillar of the Profession by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) and the NASPA Foundation, in recognition of her many years of outstanding teaching, research, and service.

Heather McDonald, literature, College Writing Program, CAS: won the top prize for her essay “How to Fix Everything,”  in Creative Nonfiction’s food essay contest.  The essay will appear in the spring 2011 issue.

Scott Parker, psychology, CAS: selected as a Fellow in the American Psychological Society as well as the Eastern Psychological Association.

Naima Prevots, professor emerita, performing arts, CAS: was appointed adjunct professor for the master’s program in dance at the Deutsche Sporthochshule, Cologne, Germany.



Naomi Baron, language and foreign studies, CAS: organized the panel “Gender Patterns on Mobile Phones: New Trends or Familiar Ways?” at the meetings of the Association of Internet Researchers, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Donna Bain Butler, WCL: “Progress Through Professionalism in Writing and Instruction” at the 2010 WATESOL Fall Convention, University of Maryland, College Park.

Daniel Dreisbach, SPA: delivered the lecture “The Bible in American Education,” in a program entitled “Religious Literacy and Education: The Political Battle over the Bible in Public Schools,” sponsored by the Institute for Religion, Politics and Culture, Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland.

Robert Durant, SPA, invited talk, “Attitudes Toward Genetically Modified Foods: Predictors of Acceptance and Implications for Policy,” at the first annual World Congress of Molecular and Cell Biology, Beijing, China.

David Rosenbloom, SPA: “Writing for and Publishing in Academic Journals,” School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University, Shanghai, PRC.

Joseph Ross, literature, College Writing Program, CAS: was a reader and panelist on “American Poets Respond to Major Global Trauma,” at the Association of Writers and Writing Program’s annual conference.

Myra Sklarew, professor emerita, literature, CAS: moderated a panel, “Brain and Creativity,” where a neuroscientist, molecular biologist, and science writer spoke, at the Writer’s Center.


Papers Presented

David Pitts, SPA: copresented with E.C. Stazyk, “Diversity, Socialization, and Public Service Motivation: Implications for Human Capital Management in Public Organizations,” at the annual meeting of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, Boston, Mass., and at the Public Management Research Conference: Research Directions for a Globalised Public Management, University of Hong Kong, China.


Published Works

Anna Amirkhanyan, SPA: “Demographic Change and Its Public Sector Consequences” in Public Administration Review, December 2010.

Bonnie Auslander, director, Center for Business Communications, Kogod: published poetry: “A Brief History of Fasteners,” in Gargoyle, 2010, # 56; “The New Dog Map of the World,” in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, vol 12:1, Winter 2011 (special issue on Langston Hughes); and “Suitable Poetic Subjects,” in Prick of the Spindle, vol 4.4.

Janet Gebhart Auten, literature, College Writing Program, CAS: “Mapping the Meaning of ‘Help’: Writing Tutor Training and the Sense of Self-Efficacy,” in Praxis: A Writing Center Journal, fall 2010.

H. Kent Baker, Kogod: with J. Clay Singleton and E. Theodore Veit: Survey Research in Corporate Finance: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice, Financial Management, Oxford University Press, 2011.

Robin Broad, SIS: coauthored with John Cavanagh, “Yes, There Is an Alternative,” Yes magazine, December.

Jona Colson, literature, College Writing Program, CAS: interviewed Cornelius Eady for the December issue of The Writer’s Chronicle. His poetry was published in the winter 2010 issue of Palooka.

Edward Comstock, College Writing Program, CAS: “Idiocy, Attention, and the Normal Scholastic Prototype,” in Educational Philosophy and Theory.

Consuelo Hernandez, language and foreign studies, CAS: “Permanente devenir: Dos discursos sobre la Amazonia colombiana,” in Actas del XVI Congreso de la Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas, Nuevos caminos del hispanismo, Iberoamericana / Vervuert 2010.

Robert Johnson, SPA, and Sonia Tabriz ’10, coedited and contributed to the fifth edition of Victor Hassines’ book, Life Without Parole: Living and Dying in Prison Today, Oxford University Press, 2011. The book includes three chapters written by Johnson and Tabriz, and also features a short story coauthored by Tabriz and Hassine.

Carl LeVan,  SIS: “Power Sharing and Inclusive Politics in Africa’s Uncertain Democracies,” in Governance: An International Journal of Policy, Administration, and Institutions, January.

Robert Marshak, SPA: “OD orphogenesis: The Emerging Dialogic Platform of Premises,” in Practising Social Change, vol 1, no 2, pp 4-9, November 2010.

Colman McCarthy, SIS: op-ed column, “Why ROTC Shouldn’t Be on Campus,” the Washington Post, December.

Jeffrey Reiman, philosophy and religion, CAS: “What is Fair Punishment?” in The Journal of Catholic Social Thought, vol 8, no 1 (winter 2011).

Jeffrey Schaler, SPA: chapter entitled “Addictions” was published in Mental Health Ethics: The Human Context, edited by Phil Barker, Routledge, 2011.

Richard Sha, literature, CAS: “Towards a Physiology of the Romantic Imagination” in the journal Configurations (Johns Hopkins University Press) 17: 197-226 (2011).

Rodger Streitmatter, SOC: “Tongues Untied: African-American Men Take the Spotlight,” in Queers in American Popular Culture, Praeger, 2010.

James Thurber, SPA: edited Obama: The First Two Years in Office, Paradigm Publishers.



Peter Kuznick, history, CAS: was interviewed by on history and film, with a particular focus on an upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio film arguing that the mafia was behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Allan Lichtman, history, CAS: provided more than 25 interviews and commentaries internationally, nationally, and locally on the midterm elections and President Barack Obama.

Clarence Lusane, SIS: his book, The Black History of the White House was reviewed by Patricia Sullivan in the Oulook section of the Washington Post.