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Accomplishments: September 27

Performances/Media Productions/Exhibitions

Robert Johnson, SPA: Settling Scores by Johnson, Victor Hassine, and Ania Dobrzanska; and Gumbo by Charles Huckelbury—both published in Lethal Rejection: Stories on Crime and Punishment, edited by Robert Johnson and alum Sonia Tabriz—were presented as plays at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ “From Prison to the Stage” Program.


H. Kent Baker, Kogod: was ranked second out of 1,195 authors for his contributions to financial education in a recent study that evaluated the research records of scholars contributing to two financial education journals—Journal of Financial Education (JFED) and Financial Practice and Education (FPE).

Jeff Colgan, SIS: is the 2011 recipient of the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs’ Robert O. Keohane award, for his article “Oil and Revolutionary Governments: Fuel for International Conflict.”

Neil Kerwin, president: chosen for inclusion in the Irish Voice’s 2011 Education 100, a listing of the leading figures in education across the United States.

Nancy Polikoff, WCL: has been awarded the 2011 Dan Bradley Award from the National LGBT Bar Association; the award recognizes the efforts of a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender legal community whose work has led the way in the struggle for LGBT equality under the law.

Katharina Vester, history, CAS: was awarded the Belasco Prize for Scholarly Excellence by the Association for the Study of Food and Society for her article “Regime Change: Gender, Class, and the Invention of Dieting in Post-Bellum America,” in Journal of Social History, fall 2010, 39-70.

Brian Yates, psychology, CAS: was reelected to a second three-year term as treasurer and board member of the American Evaluation Association (


Naomi Baron, language and foreign studies, CAS: “Lessons from Venice: Emotions, Authenticity, and ICTs,” at the Social Robots and Emotion Workshop, Franklin College of Switzerland, Lugano.

Dolores Koenig, anthropology, CAS: “La Réinstallation des Populations de Manantali : Les Efforts de l’USAID en Vue de la Création des Conditions pour un Développement Durable,” inaugural presentation for USAID 50th Anniversary Celebration, Bamako, Mali.

Christopher Palmer, director, Center for Environmental Filmmaking, SOC: delivered the science keynote address at the 53rd ARCS (Achievement Awards for College Scientists) Foundation’s National Annual Meeting, Amelia Island, Florida.

Michel Robe, Kogod: co-organized the academic conference: “CFTC Conference on Commodity Markets,” U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

David Rosenbloom, SPA: “The Mysterious Neglect of Law in the MPA Curriculum,” Thirty-Fourth Annual Teaching Public Administration Pre-conference, Williamsburg, Va.

Papers Presented

Max Paul Friedman, history, CAS: “Emigrés as Transmitters of American Protest Culture,” conference on Jewish Voices in the German Sixties, Elmau, Germany, June 2011.

Published Works

Claudia Anyaso, SIS/WMP:  editor, in association with the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training, Fifty Years of U.S. Africa Policy: Reflections of Assistant Secretaries for African Affairs and U.S. Embassy Officials, 2011.

Patricia Aufderheide, SOC: “Myths About Fair Use,” in Inside Higher Ed, August 2, 2011.

Donna Bain Butler, WCL: reviewed the book Academic Writing and Plagiarism: A Linguistic Analysis on LINGUIST List database:

Eric Lohr, history, CAS: “Russia” in John Horne, editor, A Companion to the First World War, Wiley-Blackwell Publications, 2010.

Tomasz Mroczkowski, Kogod: The New Players in Life Sciences Innovation: Best Practices in R&D from Around the World, Financial Times Press.

Arturo Porzecanski, SIS: “Should Argentina be Welcomed Back by Investors?” in the journal World Economics, July-September 2011.

Susan Shepler, SIS: “ ‘Helping Our Children Will Help in the Reconstruction Of Our Country’: Repatriated Refugee Teachers in Post-conflict Sierra Leone and Liberia,” in Educating Children in Conflict Zones: Research, Policy, and Practice for Systemic Change—A Tribute to Jackie Kirk, edited by K. Mundy and S. Dryden-Peterson, Teachers College Press.