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Lotus Notes Upgrade Deploying Across Campus

To mitigate the risks presented by an announced security vulnerability in Lotus Notes 7.0.3, which is currently used at AU, the university will upgrade to Lotus Notes 8.5.1.

The new 8.5.1 Lotus Notes client, which is free of the known security vulnerabilities of previous versions, also offers new features and functionality, such as: 

  • The bookmark bar now appears only after pressing an “open” button located at the top left.
  • When you type a name, frequently used names and addresses will appear as options to select. Take care when selecting, as this feature makes it easy to make mistakes.
  • Use the CTRL or SHIFT keys to select items quickly, as in other Windows applications.
  • Several calendars can be temporarily merged so you can view overlapping events.
  • A customizable Sidebar lets you quickly access such features as Sametime contacts, RSS news feeds, and your day’s schedule.
  • Add new addresses to your sidebar Sametime contacts list by dragging and dropping an e-mail to the Sametime tag on your sidebar.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over a name in an e-mail message to see that person’s AU contact information.
  • Notes databases are now called “applications.”
  • Spell checking now underlines misspelled words as you are typing.
  • Attachments are no longer included by default when you “reply” to a message.

OIT is starting a phased, department by department upgrade of the Notes client. Windows computers using Notes will automatically be prompted to “upgrade” at the time your department is scheduled for the upgrade. Macintosh computer users must upgrade manually. Once the university-wide upgrade is completed, computers using older versions of the Notes client will be unable to connect to the mail server.

If you would like to upgrade before your department is scheduled, or if you are using a Macintosh, you can download the new Lotus Notes client at any time from portal:

  • Log in, click on Technology and Download Software.
  • Faculty and staff will find the Lotus Notes clients are at the bottom of the page.

Please note: the new Lotus Notes client for the Macintosh requires an Intel-based Mac running OS 10.5 or higher.

Online documentation about the new Notes client is posted here.

OIT is offering a brief class highlighting the new 8.5.1 features, register here.

Contact the IT Help Desk at 202-885-2550, e-mail, or instant messenger at AskAmericanUHelp for assistance and further information.

Check for outages and scheduled maintenance on AU systems.