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Lotus Notes Traveler Provides Synchronization

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is pleased to announce that Lotus Notes Traveler has been set up on a dedicated server and is now available to American University faculty and staff.

Traveler synchronizes e-mail, calendar, to-do, address book, and journal data in real time and works much the same as a BlackBerry using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server platform. That is, when mail messages arrive in your inbox they are automatically sent to your handheld device; you need do nothing.  Traveler can also trigger a tone or vibration to notify you of an event. Updates made on your device—such as sending an e-mail or changing a calendar entry—are synchronized with the server as soon as a network connection is available.

Supported devices are: Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch; Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian. More devices, including Android phones, will be added in late 2010.  For more information, click here.

For instructions on installing and configuring Lotus Notes Traveler on handheld mobiles, click here.

For assistance, contact the IT Help Desk at 202-885-2550, e-mail, or instant messenger at AskAmericanUHelp.