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AU Introduces Datatel Colleague Web UI 4.1

The Office of Information Technology is announcing the mid-November implementation of a new Web user interface (UI) for more than 800 campus Datatel users.

Datatel’s Colleague system has been AU’s enterprise resource planning system for the past decade. It consists of integrated modules to manage student academic records, financial information, human resources records, and development and alumni support initiatives.

Over the next few months, all AU Datatel users will be asked to switch to the new Web-based access method as vendor support for existing desktop and Web based clients will end.

We believe the transition will be beneficial to users because this interface allows for simple, secure access to the system from any location as long as you first connect to AU’s virtual private network.

The UI 4.1 interface offers new users a more intuitive experience and veteran users will enjoy new features and functionality. New options to customize the system based on your preferences include the ability to change font sizes and colors and select favorite screens or people. The system also has improved person search capabilities and expands access for Macintosh users.

The UI 4.1 Colleague application resides on servers rather than on your desktop computer, which simplifies support for users. For example, less time will be needed to determine the cause of connection issues and future upgrades will be easier to implement.

The Datatel Web UI 4.1 New Features class will introduce current users to the new features and functionality of Datatel UI 4.1. Classes are available beginning November 1.

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