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New Technology at AU This Summer

Launch of Portal

Phase 2 of the Portal implementation aims to dynamically target content (such as links, announcements, and services) throughout the new portal in order to personalize your user experience. A users portal experience will vary, based on his or her role at the university—student, faculty, staff.  New user groups will be added including: parents, prospective students, alumni.  

Phase 2 will also introduce “team site” tools that will enable users to collaborate with other members of the AU community.  

Some Phase 2 work has begun, but the entire project is expected to take a year to complete.

New Student Registration

New students can now self-register through the myAU Web portal. They will no longer be required to register through their academic advisors for the first semester. 

The advising aspect of the process will not be compromised. Students must communicate their intended class schedules to advisors prior to self-registration, enabling advisors to guide students before they are formally matriculated. 

Impulse SafeConnect NAC Implementation

AU’s current Network Access Control (NAC) solution, Cisco Clean Access (CCA) or Cisco NAC, was replaced by Impulse Safe•Connect over the summer. The campus will transition to Safe•Connect in phases; work will be completed by the start of the fall term.

The NAC processes your authentication to the network, performs a security check on your workstation, and helps you fix any issues.

Safe•Connect provides a more stable environment than Cisco NAC, a more user friendly experience, and better support for new operating systems, antivirus and antispyware products, and hardware devices.

Business Intelligence Research Grants Reporting

In 2010, a university Research Grants Infrastructure Task Force recommended that funded faculty receive reports and data to help them manage their grants.  AU’s new Research Grants Reporting Project consolidates account information from Datatel, such as: expenses, salaries, and fringe benefits. The Research Grants Reporting system was launched in July.

EagleSecure Wireless Network Upgrade

OIT has completed installation and setup of eaglesecure, AU’s improved wireless network. This new network is equipped to handle the growing needs of the University community. 

Eaglesecure’s advantages include: 

  • supports higher connection speeds
  • provides more bandwidth
  • offers better coverage than eaglenet, the previous wireless network

IT will announce the date on which eaglenet will be discontinued.

Contact the IT Help Desk at 202-885-2550, e-mail, or instant messenger at AskAmericanUHelp for assistance and further information.