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AU Brussels | Graduate Summer Programs

Are you a graduate student who wants an inside perspective?

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Graduate Summer Programs

Comparative Law in Europe

The American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) London-Brussels-Paris-Geneva Summer Law Program introduces law students and attorneys to evolving legal concepts and structures in Europe and in the international arena. For more information, see the Comparative Law in Europe program website.

European Public Affairs & Advocacy Institute

This unique course will introduce students to the art and craft of lobbying in the European Union. During a week in Brussels students will be immersed in the strategies, tactics, methods, techniques, regulations and ethics of lobbying in Europe. For more information, see the European Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute website.

Key Abroad Program

Students enrolled in American University’s Key Executive Leadership Program can engage in a week long intensive study of public administration in Brussels through the Key Abroad Program. This program examines the system of governance in the European Union and the United States in order to understand how policies and legislation are adopted, implemented and enforced. Students evaluate and identify what is the same, what is different, and why the respective systems have developed as they have. While they are in Brussels, the students learn from high-ranking officials from the EU Parliament, Commission, and Council, and from staff members of various governance entities. In addition, the students visit NATO to learn about public administration in an intergovernmental organization, and how that administration deals with the security issues facing the alliance.

The Key Abroad Program is only open to students enrolled in American University’s Key Executive Leadership Program. For more information, see the Key Abroad Program website.

"[The program] gave me an insider’s perspective of the European Union and exposed me to several different areas of administrative work that I may not have initially considered to be a part of my professional future. ... I recommend the program to everyone, especially those majoring in International Studies and focusing on Europe."

-Student Evaluation

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