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AU Brussels | Non-AU Students

Don’t attend American University? You can still participate in one of our programs!

Undergraduate Students

Both the European Union in Action Program and the Undergraduate Summer Internship Program are open to non-AU undergraduate students. In fact, a number of non-AU students like you participate in the programs each year. The faculty and staff in Brussels know that you will bring fresh perspectives and different types of experiences to the classes, trips, and other activities in Brussels. They truly enjoy getting to know you and all of the students in the program, regardless of where you come from. Moreover, since everyone is studying together in Brussels, you and all of the other students will together form your own unique campus culture with different dynamics compared to your schools back home. Therefore, if you do not go to school at AU, don’t worry. You will definitely feel welcome and a part of the group in Brussels!

Graduate Students

At this time, the only program in Brussels that is open to non-AU graduate students is the European Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute (EPAAI), which is held in June of each year. In fact, even working professionals who are not earning a degree at a university participate in EPAAI each summer. Therefore, if you are a graduate student or working professional interested in studying how to lobby and influence the European Union, join the EPAAI and learn with a unique group of people!