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AU Madrid | Global Scholars

After a successful first run in Summer 2016, AU Abroad and the School of International Service will once again offer a 6-week study abroad program at the AU Madrid and AU Brussels Centers for the SIS Global Scholars during Summer 2017. The program will spend the first three weeks in Spain and the last three weeks in Belgium. Students will study a range of contemporary and historical international relations issues and conduct independent research on a topic of interest drawing upon on-site experience. Students will earn 9 credits upon successful completion of the program.


The program will provide all students with productive and useful exposure to Spain and the EU and an opportunity to think about how international relations are configured between the local and supranational scales. Students will study four thematic areas in each three-week session:

  • History, culture, and identity
  • Nations & national institutions in the 20th century
  • Contemporary transsovereign challenges (e.g. migration)
  • The future of foreign policy

While in Spain:

Students take a 3-credit course titled The Origins of Governance: Spain. This course first focuses on how the history of Spain has shaped the culture, arts, and demographics of modern Spain. It moves on to investigate the creation of the contemporary Spanish state after the fall of fascism. Lastly it looks at the EU period of Spanish history and at the most compelling challenges of Spain in the 21st century. This course will be equivalent to SISU-280. It counts as a gateway course for the SIS thematic area titled "Global and Comparative Governance."

While in Belgium:

Students take a 3-credit course titled Policy Responses Across Borders: the European Union. Students will learn the origin, growth, and internal makeup of the European Union from the 1950s to today. The course continues with a focus on the internal, interstate, and trans-sovereign challenges faced by the EU in terms of its regional and global mandate. It will then concentrate on the policy responses and institutions designed by the EU to address those challenges. This course will be applied as SIS thematic area credit. It will be applied differently for each student depending upon the topic of the student's research paper.

Independent Research Project:

In parallel to these two three-week sessions students will also generate an individual research paper drawing on their on-site experience. The culmination of this research gives students 3 credits for SISU-306, Advanced Int’l Studies Research. For more information on SISU-306, refer to the Office of the Registrar's Course Description.

Read more about the Global Scholars program on the AU Abroad website.

Summer 2016 Global Scholars group while on tour.