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AU Madrid | Homestay Details

Living with a Spanish Family in Madrid

A photo of an AU student with her host niece.

Full language integration happens in the home as well as the classroom. During all of the fall, spring, and summer AU Center programs, students live in a Spanish home with Spaniards. The homestay allows AU students to experience the warmth and hospitality of Spain while improving Spanish language skills. In the homestay, students enjoy breakfast, evening meals, and weekly laundry. Students have their own room within the Spanish family’s apartment. Students commute approx. 30 min from their homestays to the program offices in the center of Madrid.

Homestay Request Process

A photo of an AU student with her homestay Mom outside in Madrid

The homestay selection process begins by the student filling out a Homestay Placement Questionnaire after acceptance to the program. This form collects information about the student's personality, interests, and dietary restrictions. On-site staff in Madrid match students with a family based on their stated needs. Upon arrival students are picked up at the airport by program staff and move into their homestay family's apartment during orientation.

A portrait of an AU student and her host family.

A view from the balcony of a Madrid apartment showing the street down below