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AU Madrid | Intensive Spanish

Improve your Spanish Skills in Madrid!

This program is a track of the Spring Iberian Experience program and is designed for beginner to intermediate Spanish speakers. Students live and study in Spain’s capital city, Madrid, for one semester. The program takes students on academic field trips throughout Spain and Portugal where they will explore the many and diverse cultures within the region.

Students will take eight credits of intensive Spanish language coursework, a seminar conducted in English on contemporary Spain, and other courses in English or Spanish related to Spanish studies.

Courses Available

All students take the seminar course and Intensive Spanish Language:

  • Spanish Culture and Civilization: 4 credits
  • Spanish Language (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced): 4-8 credits

Others courses available in the past include the following:

  • Spanish and European Art History
  • A Long Walk to Equality: Women's Issues in Spain
  • International Relations: Spain & the European Union (EU)
  • Spain's Soccer Obsession: Managing and Marketing Soccer Clubs in Spain
  • Spain & Latin America: The Immigrant Experience
  • Contemporary Spain & Latin American through Literature and Film
  • Public Speaking in Spanish
  • Journalism Abroad: Production as a Foreign Correspondent
  • Spanish Language classes from beginner to advanced
  • Internship
  • Independent Study

Visit the AU Abroad website to learn more about the Iberian Experience Intensive Spanish program.

Summer 2016 Global Scholars group while on tour.

The exterior of the famous Plaza de Toros bullring in Madrid.