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AU Madrid | Clashes & Alliances of Mediterranean Civilizations

Mediterranean Civilizations Program Overview

This Fall semester program titled the Clashes and Alliances of Mediterranean Civilizations is grounded in an interdisciplinary seminar course that acquaints students with ancient civilizations' history, politics, and economics that have had profound and enduring influence on our modern way of thinking. Students live in Madrid and study how the Mediterranean region has served as a fertile basin of ideas and influence in the world. Covering topics such as history, philosophy, mythology, literature, politics, and the arts, the program gives students an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the major forces that shaped this region and more specifically, Spain itself. In the past, students have taken academic field trips to other cities of importance in the Mediterranean region such as Barcelona, Istanbul, Rome, and Athens. Students wishing to engage in the Spanish working world can also participate in an internship arranged by program staff.

Courses Available

All students take the seminar course:

  • Memories of the Mediterranean I & II (6 credits)

Others courses available in the past include the following:

  • Mediterranean Art History
  • Mediterranean Politics
  • Mediterranean Literature
  • Mediterranean and Cross Cultural Cinema
  • Spain's Soccer Obsession: Managing and Marketing Soccer Clubs in Spain
  • Contemporary Mediterranean Cultures
  • Journalism Abroad: Production as a Foreign Correspondent
  • Spanish Language classes from beginner to advanced
  • Internship
  • Independent Study

Visit the AU Abroad website to learn more about the Clashes & Alliances of Mediterranean Civilizations program.

Students in front of Roman ruins in Merida

The exterior of the central post office in Madrid