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AU Nairobi | AU Nairobi Center

picture of au nairobi center classroom of four large desks in the middle of the room, a side desk, chairs, a standing white board, a fabric painting of africa, and curtains, with a large window

AU Nairobi Center Classroom

Location and Amenities

The AU Nairobi Center is located in a quiet residential area that includes only a few other businesses in the neighborhood. The Center is very close to public transportation stops and is a walkable from shopping areas and the students' apartments.

image of the au nairobi center student lounge with a rattan couch and chair, pillows, a filled book case and a coffee table

AU Nairobi Center Student Lounge

The AU Nairobi Center is gated and has 24/7 security guards. The space was previously a residential town house and has been converted for our present use. It consists of three floors offering spacious offices, one very large classroom, two smaller seminar rooms, and a lounge area for students as well as the standard kitchen and several bathrooms. The room are well-furnished and the space is well equipped overall, with excellent wifi reception. There is also a patio in the back of the property for the AU Nairobi's exclusive use.

AU Nairobi students can use the space as a quiet place to study or relax outside of their classes.

Mwangi, Frances, and Victor are very helpful and make the adjustment less stressful.

-Student Evaluation

image of au nairobi program assistant, victor mwanza, knelt down next to a metal sculpture of a monkey
AU Nairobi Program Assistant, Victor Mwanza, is ready to show you around the AU Nairobi Center and the neighborhood