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AU Nairobi | Entertainment

image of an au nairobi student feeding a giraffe by putting food in his mouth. giraffe is in mid-lick

You, too, could get kissed by a giraffe at the Giraffe Center!

With so many options of entertainment in Nairobi, students have plenty to do! Here are just a few examples in the city and surrounding area:

Green Space and Wildlife

It is amazing how close you can get to nature and wild animals in such an urban area!

image of two kenya soccer teams, one in huddle in the foreground, and another in the background near the goal

Observing or participating in Nairobi sports is something AU Nairobi students love to do!


There are also plenty of sports clubs students can join or watch to make Kenyan and international friends!

picture of kenyans in flag clothing performing in front of a large crowd on dirt

Performances by Kenyan acrobats are something that you might come across interning in different Nairobi neighborhoods or locales

Art and Performance

There's nothing like witnessing and participating in the pulse of the city vibe...

image of a kenyan man sitting in front of a sewing maching, speaking to another kenyan man who is standing next to him, with sewed clothes above
No matter what you choose to do for entertainment in Kenya, you will definitely be able to meet and interact with Kenyans along the way!