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AU Nairobi | Non-AU Students

Students at Kenya Equator Crossing

Don’t attend American University? You, too, can participate in one of our undergraduate programs!

All AU Nairobi programs are open to undergraduate students from an accredited university. The faculty and staff in Nairobi know that you will bring fresh perspectives and different types of experiences to the classes, trips, and other activities in Nairobi. They truly enjoy getting to know you and all of the students in the program, regardless of where you come from. Moreover, since everyone is studying together with AU Nairobi, you and all of the other students will together form your own unique student culture with different dynamics compared to your schools back home. Therefore, if you do not go to school at AU, don’t worry. You will definitely feel welcome and a part of the group in Nairobi!

All you need to do is look through our program offerings on the tab at the left and reach out to your AU Abroad Advisor!

Looking out over rooftops of the city
Let us show you all Nairobi has to offer!